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We are Singapore’s expert when it comes to search engine optimization. Maximize your organic visibility with our SEO services.

Our team of Google certified SEO consultant is highly experienced and has proven track record in designing best-in-class SEO strategy to get you onto 1st page of search results on Google! 

Our co-founder, Veronica Lim, a savvy digital marketing veteran with over 2 decades of extensive experience and a successful track record will help you grow your digital footprint and thrive online. Find out more about Veronica on LinkedIn.

We have been delighting our customers with great SEO results, month after month.

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Best SEO Services

Tailored For Small & Medium-sized Businesses

Keyword research

Golden Keyword Research

In-depth research to uncover list of "golden" search terms or keywords that your customers are using in Google to search for your products and services. Not all search terms are equal in value as some keywords are like "gold-mine" as compared to keyword (search term) that hardly anyone uses. 

Search Engine Organic Traffic Generation

SEO & Traffic Generation

Comprehensive search engine optimisation including both on-page and off-page SEO to move your site to Page 1 ranking on Google organic search results to attract targeted traffic from both Google and other top social media platforms.

Website Conversion Optimization

Website Conversion

Optimize your web pages to help you increase your visitors percentage converting into leads and/or take desired actions on your webpage. We will design and implement best practices to help you improve your sales conversion .

Reputation Management

Online Branding & Reputation Management

Create & establish a strong presence for your personal or business brand on the social media platforms as well as any relevant web properties. Mitigate any negative content that appears on first page of Google search engine result pages.

SEO Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Create content that are loved by both humans and search engines. From blog posts to sales focused web pages, we produce engaging and compelling content that targets your market audience to attract readers to take actions on your website.

Defend Negative SEO

Defend Against Negative SEO

Uncover issues that resulted in your website not performing well on Google organic ranking. Monitor and track your website's backlinks to detect signs of negative SEO and implement corrective actions to help you overcome what's been hurting your website’s SEO performance. 

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100% Results Guaranteed.
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Unlike many other SEO companies in Singapore, we do not require our customers to sign any lock-in SEO contract.

We are fully confident in our work and abilities to bring you VALUE and RESULTS so you will be happy to continue working with us.

Our SEO marketing fee is reasonably priced and tailored to match every individual business goals and marketing budgets. We have various options available to help you get started.

Our bespoken SEO service rate vary on various factors like your website strength, keyword difficulty level, as well as your business competition level and so on.

Our SEO package comes with Page 1 ranking performance guarantee – you don’t have to pay us if we don’t deliver the expected agreed ranking results. We are confident to deliver the results backed by our proven track record and years of expertise. 

Enjoy 100% reliable SEO service while you focus on running and growing your business.

We are committed to deliver ranking results quickly yet safely. You can expect high professionalism. No cutting of corners.

All our research, strategising, planning and SEO implementation is performed by our SEO guru, NOTHING out-sourced to cheaper 3rd party vendors in Vietnam or India. You can be rest assured that our SEO work is high quality, 100% safe and compliance to Google standards.

Our SEO experts are highly experienced with many years of digital marketing experience to deliver the best SEO results for your company. We stay abreast with Google’s algorithm updates and make adjustment to ensure our clients’ websites stay “Google Friendly” and enjoy lasting page 1 rankings on Google.

Speak to any of our customer and you will hear similar feedback that we treat our clients with sincerity and are genuine in helping them grow their business. We take time to learn about your business, the market you are targeting, and custom design a comprehensive SEO strategy to help you meet your business goals.

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Dedicated To Helping Singapore Small Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) Thrive Online

We are passionate about what we do and we are committed to help you gain success online. Our ultimate goal is not only to increase your site visibility but also to help your business grow, expand and become highly successful.

We are your trusted search engine marketing agency in Singapore that offers you 100% satisfaction guarantee!

More SEO Clients' Testimonials

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, hear what some of our SEO small medium sized businesses in Singapore have to say about their experiences working with our Singapore SEO expert and about our search engine optimization (SEO) service.

Provides very professional SEO service ! The best Singapore SEO company I know of. Consultant Veronica could preempt what business owners need & provided valuable solutions that to bring our business to the next level!
Lydia - SEO Singapore customer
Owner, Temptations Cakes
In three months Veron has managed to shift our rankings dramatically, she's easy to understand, sets a clear strategy and executes it effectively. For anyone needing to understand SEO and get it to work for their business - do get in touch with her.
Rebecca - SEO client in Singapore
Owner, ExpatLiving
Veronica is fantastic to work with. Her skill set when it comes to SEO and digital marketing is exceptional. The commitment she gives to her clients in helping them succeed with their online business is priceless. I have no hesitation to recommend her!
SEO testimonial by Joseph
Joseph M.
Business Owner
Veronica is indeed the expert in SEO marketing. She was very clear and precise in her goals to maximise our SEO effort. She was able to give very objective and useful advice after patiently heard our needs. Her pace was fast and with her help, we saw results way ahead of the schedule. Highly recommended!
Dr Lim review for SEO Singapore Services
Dr Lim Keng Hua
ENT Surgeon
Veron is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend her. Her online marketing and SEO knowledge and skillset is exceptional. With her many years in the marketing field, her care,desire and commitment to helping customers succeed with their online business is really quite extraordinary.
Terence review on SEO expert Veronica Lim
Business Owner
Veron's very helpful in communicating what she can exactly achieve in her SEO work. Her honesty and directness in this industry is most refreshing. She also takes the effort to lend advice beyond her scope of work. We had great results from her work with us and would heartily recommend her services.
Singapore SEO client review - Ray
Business Owner
Veronica is a great business partner in SEO strategy. She works with a consultative approach and is highly detailed in her reports. She is a go-getter and has high level of expertise in her field.
Singapore Client image - Randall Orthotics
Business Owner
It's been amazing working with Veronica the past few months! No doubt through her recommendations which push our website to page 1 of google search. Thanks, Veron!
Singapore Client image - Elston
Business Owner
Veron is a true SEO expert. Her style of taking your business to the first page of google using the very best SEO methods is just Amazing! I highly recommend her if you are looking to have your business placed in front of premium traffic!
SEO client in Singapore review
Business Owner

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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Site optimisation includes both the on-page factors like site content, meta-tags as well as the off-page factors like backlinks, social media signals, business listings, citations and the overall domain authority and trust of your site.

To put simply, search engine optimization is the process of providing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo the information they needed to know about your website so they can list your website for the most relevant search terms in their organic search results.

Majority of customers that find out about your brand & solutions are likely finding it through search engines, especially via Google organic search. 

Your site may have the best design,  but it will not benefit your business if your potential customers cannot see your site when they are doing a Google search.

Not being visible in Google’s search is costing your company money, you’re essentially handing your competition money.

SEO marketing is essential for all types of businesses, ranging from startup to local SME, as well as for large enterprise MNCs alike.

With SEO, you will get a boost in your brand visibility, thus gaining more targeted visitors to your site, increase in sales leads, enjoy highly qualified prospects. SEO is crucial for all who are looking to grow their business.

If your business is not found on 1st page of Google search result, you are missing out on huge opportunities. 

Report shows that websites on Page 1 get >91% of Google traffic. Majority of people just do not go beyond the first page of search results.

If you can’t make your website visible on Page 1 for the relevant keyword searches, you are basically handing your competition money.

A higher ranking on page 1 not only boosts your business’s ability to generate traffic and leads, it also make your audience sees your business as authentic.

Business listed on Google’s page 1 is seen as an expert, a trusted source within the industry.

Data also shows that web visitors think the first few websites at the top of the search engine ranking positions are amongst the more authentic businesses in their industry. It is basically a psychological game that gives you the advantage.

Perhaps you may have researched and studied about how to optimize your website and have some basic understanding of on-page SEO from the available search engine online blogs and forums. 

However, the success of your business should not be based on trial and error.

If you do not know the right strings to pull, you may end up hurting and harming your website rather than improving its ranking in search engine.

For instance, link building can help establish your site’s authority but having unnatural links and/or low quality backlinks could harm you and may result in your entire site being penalized and removed from Google’s index.

Using incorrect SEO techniques can damage your site and your reputation so it is wiser to work with an SEO specialist who has proven credibility and great track records; one who keeps abreast with the latest search engine algorithm changes.

Hire the best SEO agency in Singapore today

SEO still works and even becomes more and more critical for the success of a business in the digital era. Though it continually changes its algorithms and requires more attention and work, SEO keeps being relevant, and it pays off the effort.

SEO provides numerous benefits for a small business in Singapore. The main advantages of a good SEO strategy are:

  • SEO will help your business to obtain high-quality traffic, unpaid. The traffic is free, and you don’t have to pay for it.
  • SEO improves the conversion rate, leading to more sales. A good rank in the search engine will bring more relevant traffic to your business, meaning users that have a real interest in your business and are prone to convert.
  • A good SEO strategy will lower your advertising costs. If you rank good in Google, you won’t have to pay as much for PPC campaigns. Also, your advertising costs on Google will be cheaper because you rank high.
  • Your brand awareness and trust will increase if you do SEO. A high ranked site will inspire the user’s confidence, but it also appears in the search results of users who didn’t know about you, helping with brand awareness.
  • A good SEO strategy will help you improve the user experience and increase the number of satisfied customers, which will bring you numerous benefits in the long run. They will talk about you with friends and family, bringing your business to new customers. They will also come back and buy from you due to the pleasant experience.

The time in which you will be able to see your business rank on Google’s first page depends on various factors, such as your competition, budget, your website age and metrics, level of keyword difficulty and so on.

SEO is a complex process, which needs constant work and is performed by an SEO agency for excellent results. The period in which a website can rank on the first page of the search engine might be between several months and a year, depending on the factors we mentioned above.

For a better understanding, we should take a look at the statistics. You should know that 61% of consumers use the search engine for more information before making a purchase, and 75% rely on the recommendations made by their friends in social media. 

So the battle is close. Consumers nowadays use both platforms before making a purchase. Both marketing strategies are essential, and each one delivers excellent results if done properly and correctly. The search engine optimization will provide for you steady traffic and make sure that you are in the attention of your targeted audience. At the same time, through Social Media, it acts as a brand booster after your customer finds you in the search engine result page. 

You cannot pay Google to rank higher in organic search results. They have algorithms that crawl and scan your website, and depending on the site’s performance according to their algorithms; it will be ranked accordingly.

SEO prices depend on various factors, such as your business goals, the number of search terms (keywords) you are targeting, the agency’s reputation, your SEO competition and so on. You can pay from SGD 1,000 dollars per month to 4 or 5 thousand dollars per month, depending on the type of SEO services you required.

It is worth hiring an SEO consultant due to numerous reasons. He/She has the knowledge and experience to optimize your website better, assuring great results. The expert will save you time, SEO strategies being extremely time-consuming. Also, the SEO expert is up to date will all the changes Google makes in its algorithms and will maintain your plan continuously updated and efficient.

It is best to outsource SEO to professional SEO agency  for high efficiency and to lower the costs. An SEO expert is already trained, and you don’t have to invest in his training. He has more and broader experience that will help him obtain the best results for your company.