Google’s December 2022 Link Spam Update Explained

Google Link Spam Update: Everything You Need to Know

If there’s one thing SEO experts know, it’s that Google updates its algorithms frequently. And while some of these updates are minor tweaks, others can have a major impact on search engine rankings.

One such update is the Google December 2022 Link Spam Update. This is a big one, folks, and it could have far-reaching implications for your SEO strategy.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what this update means for website owners and provide some useful tips for getting ready. So let’s dive in!

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Google December 2022 Link Spam Update

The December 2022 Link Spam Update from Google was released on December 14, 2022, and it has been a major talking point for the SEO industry ever since. This update takes around two weeks to completely roll out but the company claims that it may take more than two weeks.

It aims to combat the issue of link spam and will help to improve search engine rankings overall. Upon the introduction, individuals took to social media, posting their thoughts and experiences in a variety of ways. 

Twitter was abuzz with people sharing how they were personally impacted by the changes.

December 2022 Link Spam Update

What Is Link Spam ?

Link spamming is any behavior to manipulate rankings in Google Search results by manipulating links to your site or outgoing from your site. Here are some examples of link spam:

  • Selling or buying links to gain higher rankings in the following form –  exchanging money for links or posts that contain links; trading goods and services for backlinks; or giving someone a product in return for them writing about it with an included link.
  • Excessive link exchanges (“you link to me and I’ll link to you”) or partner pages which are solely for mutual cross-linking
  • Using automated services or programs to generate backlinks to your website
  • Imposing a link in any Terms of Service, agreement, or similar arrangement without allowing the third-party content holder the option to validate their outbound connection
  • Paying for articles that include links with optimized anchor texts and distributing them through press releases, guest posts, and other websites to pass on ranking credit to your site.
  • Low-quality bookmark or directory site links
  • Forum comments that include links in the post or signature with optimized anchor texts

To learn more about link spam, check out: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/essentials/spam-policies#link-spam

What is SpamBrain AI

SpamBrain AI is a sophisticated AI-based spam-prevention system developed by Google. It not only detects spam, but it also can identify websites used for the purpose of passing outgoing links as well as sites with purchased links.

It uses natural language processing, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to identify potentially malicious or spam links.

What is Link Spam

What is Google December 2022 Link Spam Update ?

The Google December 2022 Link Spam Update is designed to leverage the power of SpamBrain to neutralize the impact of unnatural links on search results.

What is Google December 2022 Link Spam Update

The Link Spam Update is a major overhaul of Google’s existing link-based ranking system. Over time, Google has become increasingly vigilant about rooting out websites that employ black hat tactics such as link manipulation and keyword stuffing.

This update promises to be even more aggressive in punishing websites that break Google’s rules. It aims to neutralize or nullify the impact of link spams at scale on search results.

What to Expect From the Update ?

The main focus of these changes is link spam detection and neutralizing the impact of “unnatural links”. In other words, Google wants to make sure that all links on websites are legitimate and not being used as a way to manipulate search rankings.

As spammy links are identified and discarded, rankings will inevitably fluctuate. Any credit that was mistakenly passed from these unnatural links will also be lost in the process.

How will this Update Effect Your Website ?

Google’s December 2022 link spam update focuses on penalizing sites that use link spam tactics by reducing their SERP ranking and visibility.

If Google identifies any suspicious patterns, it will mark those websites as containing link spam and reduce their SERP ranking accordingly. As spammy links are discredited and any associated influence is nullified, the ranks of websites may differ. This update will affect all languages.

Why Should I Care About This Update?

The most obvious benefit of preparing for the Google December 2022 Link Spam Update is that it will help ensure your website remains in good standing with Google’s algorithms.

This means higher search engine rankings and more visibility online, both of which can lead to increased traffic and improved conversion rates.

Additionally, by ensuring that only high-quality links remain on your website, you’ll be able to build a better reputation with customers and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

If your website contains any link spam tactics, then it could suffer from reduced visibility, which in turn could lead to fewer visitors coming through organic search channels. 

Additionally, if your site does not adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines regarding external linking practices then it could also be flagged for penalty action when this new algorithm comes into effect next year.

So it’s important that you begin taking steps now in order to optimize your website for this upcoming change!

How To Recover From This Update ?

The most important thing you can do right now is to audit your current link-building strategies and make sure they comply with Google’s guidelines.

Look through all of the links to your website. To protect your website from being penalized by Google and other search engines, it is crucial to proactively eliminate any spammy or low-quality links. 

Doing so not only addresses the issue promptly but also prevents similar issues in the future. If you’ve done all that can be done about removing unhealthy links yet still have a few pesky ones left behind, then submitting disavow requests via Search Console should help mitigate this problem.

Finally, make sure that your website isn’t using duplicate content or engaging in any other activities associated with link spamming.

How To Recover from Google Spam Update


Google’s December 2022 link spam update is set to shake up the SEO world yet again—so it pays to be prepared! Make sure you audit all of the links on your website and get rid of any suspicious ones before they draw unwanted attention from Google’s algorithms.

Still not sure about this update check the video below.

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