April 9, 2018

Google SEO Expert, Why Hire Singapore SEO Expert & Top SEO Consultant

Is Hiring Google SEO Expert Critical & Why Engage Top Singapore SEO Expert


"I am the Best SEO Expert", "I am the GOOGLE SEO Expert", "I am the Singapore SEO Expert", "I am one of the TOP SEO Expert" ...etc the list goes on. We all have heard all these claims by many so-called "SEO Experts" in Singapore. Can you trust these people who claimed they are the best?


What Google SEO Expert Does?

If you are wondering what SEO expert does or do you really need to hire and pay monthly retainer fee to an SEO expert in Google to boost your business visibility then this article is for you.

Like most business owners, your desire is to have your website rank highly on Google for relevant keyword searches, and to drive more website traffic.

Almost every business aims to rank at the top of a search page hence if your business does not rank anywhere on Google searches, then it’s time to do some work. This search engine optimization guide should help you understand the importance of engaging services from the right SEO guru in order to give your site the online boost it deserves. You will also learn when is the best time to enlist the help from SEO expert to get your desired results.

Image showing the services offered by a Google SEO Expert in Singapore


What To Consider Before You Hire Any Singapore SEO Expert

To find out if you need the services of a top SEO expert for your online business, you need to consider the following factors.

1. The position of your keywords in search engine results

Whenever you blog or post on social media, you may begin to see some traffic on your website including appearing on search engine results within the first few months, this is not a bad thing even with fluctuations.

Your aim should be that your business appears on the first page of search results based on relevant keywords at least six months into your SEO campaign efforts.

However, most online marketers and business owners do not know what keywords are or what the right keywords to target for maximum online visibility, this is where a season and experienced Google SEO expert comes in.

The services of a SEO consultant become an invaluable asset if you are not familiar with keywords and how to keep track of where they are.

A responsible search engine optimization expert will use a tracking system or a rank tracker to track and monitor your target keywords continuously as well as review your keywords to see their effectiveness in capturing potential customers.

2. Your ability to monitor traffic to and from your business webpage

If you do not have the time, let alone the hands-on knowledge to monitor and track visitors landing on your webpage or you cannot measure and monitor data on links, rankings and referrals, then you are not in a position to analyze the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and plan the right strategies and techniques to apply to improve it.

An expert in search engine optimization  is able to measure and advise you on search traffic, direct navigation and referral traffic. You will be able to know where your potential customers are coming from which means you will be able to target them more effectively.

3. Conversion rate

If you cannot tell which of your relevant keywords provide the best conversion rate or the target keywords that have the potential to continuously direct potential customers to your website and convert them to customers, then it is perhaps a good time to seek the services of a Singapore SEO expert who will help you focus on the right keywords and come up with strategies that will increase the rankings of selected keywords.

A good SEO company will help you create targeted SEO strategies that are capable of maximizing your website’s potential through maximum online exposure. A trained SEO consultant will help you drive customers and traffic to your website.


How Does A Singapore SEO Expert Help You Grow Your Business

According to a recent survey done by the World Bank, more than 82% of Singaporeans have access to the internet and regularly access it to read the news, visit their favourite websites, or look for information about specific products or services.

With search engines being the most commonly used method of navigating the internet, SEO opens a whole range of possibilities for companies that want to make the most out of their online presence by using it to market and sale their products and services.

Search engine optimization provides businesses an unique opportunity by exposing their websites to people who are looking for what they have to offer. This means that rather than paying another company to advertise your products to a largely disinterested crowd, you can attract visits from the people who are most likely to want what your company offers.

Building an optimised website means that instead of looking for new customers they are going to look for your website without even realising it. SEO will increase your website traffic with visitors who are interested in what you have to offer, therefore helping to convert simple visitors (window shoppers) into satisfied paying customers who are more likely to come back for more.

SEO consultant even helps you to target potential customers from all over the world, since all you need to do is optimise your content towards the keywords your targeted audience is using and they will be directed towards your page by the search results.


How to Select The Best Singapore SEO Expert and Appoint The Right SEO Consultant

While it's easy to get a general understanding of SEO services, and indeed many people optimise their websites themselves, hiring an SEO expert is the only way to guarantee the success of an SEO marketing strategy.

The internet is filled with millions of businesses selling the same products and services, and competing fiercely for a specific target audience. Which is why hire the best Singapore SEO expert will help give you an edge by making sure that your page pops up first in the results before those of your competitors.

Hire the best SEO Expert in Singapore


The first step you need to take is decide what kind of SEO services you'll need. SEO is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of tasks, like link building, content marketing, and reputation management.

Once you understand what you want it will be easier to start pre-selecting which Singapore SEO company you're going to consult before you make your decision.

Most Singapore SEO consultants will offer free consultations, because this increases their chances of getting new clients. Hence you're free to ask them anything you want over the phone, by email, or personally.

This is the perfect occasion to explain your goals to these SEO consultant, see if they understand what your company is about, and listen how they can help you increase traffic to your website.

The best SEO agency will be the one who has enough experience to get the job done and a proven record to back it up.


Google SEO Expert vs SEM Expert, Which One Should You Choose?

Image of SEM vs SEO expert


The debate of whether to choose an expert in SEO (search engine optimisation) or an expert in SEM (search engine marketing) is one that has surfaced a lot in recent times.

Most businesses are already conversant with what SEO is all about and its measurable results. Some merchant businesses have also realised significant success from their SEM activities which further begs the question of which is better.

Even before comparing these two, it is important to properly define what is involved in each as you will find out they are closely related than they are different.

With too many SEO services and SEM opportunities, it can be a little daunting for businesses to make an informed decision on what will help them attain set goals. Here is a brief look at these techniques and what their implications on businesses:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Like any Google SEO expert will tell you, search engine optimization entails various activities that are aimed at making your website rank highly (better of first) in organic search results. So I you search for the keyword SEO services online, Google will deliver numerous results sometimes in the millions, but in pages. Some sites appear on page 1 of results while others appear on the last.

As a business, your intention is to appear within the first page if not the first site of specific keywords. There are many activities involved in SEO ranging from picking your keywords and integrating them into your articles, posts, images ad permalinks, picture optimization, link building and citations, healthy link-backs, authority and improved user experience among others.


• Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing on the other hand involves various activities that are carried out for the main purpose of visibility. When SEO focuses on appearing first in organic searches for particular keywords related to your business, SEM is solely carried out to make as many people as possible see your site. SEO is thus part of SEM in a broader sense.

However, SEM often focuses on paid advertising. SEM is ideal from a branding point of view and if you want more people to notice your brands and company. This is why it is mostly used by merchant companies that need more visibility across the internet.

In simple sense, when you search for a particular keyword and sites are displayed in the results, that is SEO. When you see an additional advertisement at the top right, left, center, top or bottom of the search results page linking to another site, that is SEM at work.

SEM simply displays an advert of your services with a link to your website. A large number of people who see the ad will simply ignore it and move on to the information they want. If you are lucky, some traffic may click on your links.

SEM is largely designed for brands that simply need to get known and pay for their adverts to appear on various results. Only a small section of the visitors click on SEM ads, but it is still an important part of marketing and ecommerce today. There is no doubt search engine optimization is part of SEM even though its goals are slightly different from what SEM seeks to achieve.

Many experts have labeled SEM as a form of SEO marketing especially since the rudimentary meaning of search engine optimization derived from the phrase has to do with making your site more visible and accessible to search engines crawlers and algorithms. Both practices are good for different kinds of businesses, yet SEO is often cited as better.


In Summary

If you are looking at it from a business-sales angle, then SEO most definitely carries the day as it optimizes your pages for access by users who are actually looking for your keywords. For instance, if you are looking for an Singapore SEO marketing agency services like ours, you will type keywords that are related to SEO marketing, best SEO services or company or any other depending on what exactly you need.

When you find our agency in the first page of results, you are more likely to visit and find out more about our offer. SEO is therefore a way to attract organic traffic that is searching for your products and offers, which is the type of traffic any business needs.

If you want to attract clients to your products and offers, then we would recommend you hire Google SEO experts like us to help you optimise your website so that your site can be found on Page 1 of Google results within less than 6 months.

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