Top 10 SEO Scams To Avoid

8 Ways To Spot SEO Scam

How To Spot & Avoid SEO Digital Marketing Scammers

Beware of SEO Scams

However, before you sign ANY contract or service agreement with any SEO agency in Singapore, first go through the list of top 10 SEO scams described here so you can avoid getting burned.

1. Warranted Top Rankings

One of the most common hoaxes depicted by false SEO experts is that they can offer you top positions in search engine results. Some might even say that they can place you in the #1 spot.

Although this might attract you into their trap, do not fall for it. No one is able to guarantee number 1 position on Google organic search result because Google’s algorithm takes many aspects into consideration when displaying their final search results, such as meta description, keywords, etc. An agency may offer an SEO service that will improve your online position and move your site to first page of Google search after an estimated time period, but it is never ensured. Here at SEO Singapore Services, we offer our clients with projected timeline when we are able to move their site to 1st page on Google, but never #1 position on Google. 

avoid SEO scammer when they charge too low price

2. Special Connection with Google

If some SEO experts tell you that they have a special relationship with Google or have an insider in the algorithm, it is a guaranteed scam. Some SEO agencies may brag about their Premier Google Partner status and try to convince you that this Premier partner status will help improve your online rankings if you engaged them.

The truth is being a Premier Google Partner, it means that the company has obtained Google Ad certification, and has met Google advertisement spend requirement. It has NO impact on their client’s ranking on Google organic search results (SEO ranking). Agency that has the Premier Google Partner badge does not enjoy any organic ranking benefits nor are they given insights into Google algorithm. It is just a hoax to attract customers.

3. Investing in Google Ads will help your Site's Organic Ranking

Some SEO scammers might ask you to also invest in Google Ads and claim that Google Ad marketing (SEM) will help to improve your site SEO organic ranking.  

The truth is your SEM (Google Ad) campaign does not positively or negatively affect your SEO efforts. Google themselves have stated clearly that “search listings are free, and no one can pay for a better ranking, because Google is committed to keeping our search content useful and trustworthy…..Running a Google Ads campaign does not help your SEO rankings, despite some myths and claims.” 

4. Confidential SEO Planning

A true professional SEO consultant must inform you of what methods and techniques they are going to employ in their SEO marketing strategy. If an SEO agency doesn’t want to disclose this information or expresses that the terminology is too technical for you to comprehend, it is likely that they are a fraud. Scammers usually do not have marketing experience and just pretend to be one.

5. Free SEO Trial At No Cost

Well-respected SEO agencies have experienced professionals and teams that can provide you high-quality SEO content and are backed up by previous clients and evidence. They know that their SEO services are your money’s worth and will deliver various quotes that can suit your budget. If an agency offers a free 14 days or 30 days trial so you can assess their service, it is probably a fraud. It is just a way to lure in first-time customers. Moreover, quality SEO work require a period of time to see the result. There is no way to assess accurately on the SEO service quality within less than 30 days.  

6. Questionable Low Prices

In Singapore, a decent SEO consulting service usually cost an average between $1,000 to $3,000 a month.  If you receive a quote that at incredible low price, beware. As the saying goes, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. It could be a scammer who is eager to trick you into signing a 12-months contract and deceiving you in paying upfront. 

7. Email Spamming

Proper SEO agencies have their own marketing strategies to promote their business and attract clients to their company. These can include paid advertisements on social media and online campaigns. However, most tricksters try to lure you into their scam by sending you spam messages to your email. Even more, if you did not subscribe to receive any information, it is likely that they obtain your email from another source, which can increase the probability of phishing.

8. Page 1 Rankings Within 24 Hours

Be careful if a SEO company promises to rank your site to 1st page of Google within couple of days or even within 24 hours! Proper SEO planning and implementation does require some time. 

The only way you can get 1st page Google ranking in 24 hrs is if you advertise with Google Adwords where anyone can pay to have a top placement.

Keep a watchful eye on your SEO company’s campaign strategy if they guarantee you a page 1 ranking within a month. You could be a part of an SEO scam!

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