How to Choose The Best SEO Company Agency

How To Choose The Best SEO Company

Tips For Finding The Best SEO Agency In Singapore

Guide For Finding Top SEO Agency In Singapore

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What A Good search engine optimization company Will Do For You

As there are many Singapore SEO agencies available in the market, you need to know how to find the best SEO company in Singapore.  It may seem like a daunting task to go about sorting through the crowd to seek out the best SEO agency to hire. 

If this is your concern, please read on as we have some tips to offer you in the selection process of seeking out the right agency that you can trust and count on to deliver visible results in Google search engine.

A good search engine optimization company will always make sure that the strategies being used to meet the specific needs and demands of each business. Another factor to remember is that SEO strategies and tactics are constantly changing.

What works well last year may be not effective this year, that’s why it is so important to find a reliable agency in Singapore. A best-in-class digital marketing agency will assign experienced and competent SEO consultant who can keep you up with the latest changes in search algorithm and search engine updates.

Questions To Ask When Interviewing SEO Firm

SEO competition analysis and keyword research
Questions to ask during interview with SEO agency

We suggest you ask any prospective SEO companies in Singapore the following questions:

How does the SEO marketing firm determine which keyword will be the focus of their campaign? 

Experienced SEO firm will analyze and pick out the best suitable keywords to incorporate into their SEO strategy. Are the team members equipped with skills to analyze other aspects of the website, such as web design, coding, content, backlinks, etc.? 

The right SEO company should be able to analyze and find out all those issues which are creating a hindrance in your SEO campaign.

Will the SEO agency assess the website of your competitors to determine which sites in the industry are performing well and why? If no analysis is done, it’s hard to get ahead from the other business competitors available in the particular industry.

Does the SEO firm have a veteran team of copywriters or will they employ existing content? Good SEO companies will always employ skilled writers who create unique and creative content for the web.

Beware & Avoid SEO Scammers

Black hat SEO

Avoid SEO Firms That Deploy Black Hat Techniques

Be careful when a SEO company promises you “100 NEW LINKS!” every month.

Link building can be highly beneficial to your SEO campaign, if done right. If your SEO company promises a lot of new links, but never discusses their strategies or what types of links, most likely they are deploying black hat SEO.

Although black techniques may be effective at first, the search engines will quickly find about them and penalize your site. 

Sometimes, it can also cause a permanent ban from Google search engine, resulting in permanent damage to your business as no one can ever do a search in Google to find your website.

Avoid Agency That Promises #1 Google Position within a month

Be careful if a SEO company promises you Guaranteed #1 position on Google or promise to rank your site to 1st page of Google in two weeks, or a month. 

SEO is a long term process. It takes times for Google to “trust” your site, to build credibility, write valuable content that is SEO friendly, optimize your website to fix issues, and everything else necessary to rank.

Google themselves have warned against such scam and said that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”.

The only way you can get 1st page Google ranking in 24 hrs is if you advertise with Google Adwords where anyone can pay to have a top placement.

Keep a watchful eye on your SEO company’s campaign strategy if they guarantee you a #1 ranking. You could be a part of an SEO scam!

avoid SEO scammer when they charge too low price

Avoid SEO Agencies That Offers SEO at Unbelievable Low-Price

Be watchful if the agency claim “We offer High-quality, but very cheap SEO rate”

SEO is complex, and requires lots of time and hard work, as well as a rocket-load of knowledge to do it well. To put it bluntly, there is no such thing as a cheap, high-quality SEO service in Singapore — you get what you pay for.

As the saying goes “when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

Avoid SEO Companies That Claim They Have Special Relationship With Google or They Work With Someone inside Google

In fact, SEO scammers would often claim to have a special relationship or work with someone in Google.

If any SEO companies tells you they are able to get you better SEO results because they are “Google Partners” or “Google Premier Partners” – avoid them like a plague!

Almost every SEO scammer out there claims some connection to Google. “I worked on Google Analytics” or even “My dad currently works at Google so I have all of the inside knowledge”.

Google is pretty strict when it comes to their algorithm so don’t trust just anyone that claims to have “inside” knowledge due to their special inside connection to Google.

These are all RED Flags of an SEO Scam!

The truth is Google Partner status has no impact on SEO organic search.  Google Partners are certified for Adwords ONLY, which is Google’s paid advertising platform.  

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Investing time & effort in finding the best agency is worth your time, work and money. When you see the results as visitors pours in your website you will know you’ve invested in the right SEO company for your business.

Hire agency that holds an excellent reputation in the market for their SEO marketing services along with fast, high-quality work.

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We are committed to deliver ranking results quickly yet safely. You can expect high professionalism and receive a comprehensive service. No cutting of corners. All our SEO research, planning & implementation is performed by our own team of SEO guru, not out-sourced to other 3rd parties so you can be assured it is 100% safe and compliance to Google standards.

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You are at the right place if you are looking for a trusted SEO Singapore company in Singapore to provide high quality search engine optimization services.

Our team of Google certified SEO consultant will design and implement comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy to help you establish and dominate your online branding and presence.

We will develop a winning SEO strategy to out-rank your competitors and secure page one positions in Google search results.

We track your website ranking progress regularly and modify the search engine marketing strategies and plans, if necessary, to ensure that you are always on the correct path for achieving expected results within the shortest time possible.

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FAQs on SEO Agency

important things you should know About Search Engine Optimization Companies

Yes, you need an SEO agency. They will have the know-how, experience, expertise to help your business obtain the best results while you can take care of other vital aspects of your business.

Search engine optimisation is a complex process, and due to the continuous change of Google algorithms that decide the rankings, it needs constant monitoring and to adapt correctly to these changes. If you don’t do SEO properly, you risk being penalized by Google, and this will reflect very poorly in your business performance.

A good SEO company brings numerous benefits to your business:

  • SEO will help your business to obtain high-quality traffic, unpaid. The traffic is free, and you don’t have to pay for it.
  • SEO improves the conversion rate, leading to more sales. A good rank in the search engine will bring more relevant traffic to your business, meaning users that have a real interest in your business and are prone to convert.
  • A good SEO strategy will lower your advertising costs. If you rank good in Google, you won’t have to pay as much for PPC campaigns. Also, your advertising costs on Google will be cheaper because you rank high.
  • Your brand awareness and trust will increase if you do SEO. A high ranked site will inspire the user’s confidence, but it also appears in the search results of users who didn’t know about you, helping with brand awareness.
  • A good SEO strategy will help you improve the user experience and increase the number of satisfied customers, which will bring you numerous benefits in the long run. They will talk about you with friends and family, bringing your business to new customers. They will also come back and buy from you due to the pleasant experience.

The time in which you will be able to see your business rank on Google’s first page depends on various factors, such as your competition, budget, your website age and metrics, level of keyword difficulty and so on.

SEO is a complex process, which needs constant work and is performed by an SEO agency for excellent results. The period in which a website can rank on the first page of the search engine might be between several months and a year, depending on the factors we mentioned above.

You cannot pay Google to rank higher in organic search results. They have algorithms that crawl and scan your website, and depending on the site’s performance according to their algorithms; it will be ranked accordingly.

The PPC campaigns don’t affect your SEO directly, but they complement your SEO. When you run Google ADS, they will occupy the first or last positions on the first pages of the search engines.

On the other hand, a good SEO strategy will assure you of excellent visibility in the first pages. These two combined will provide more great visibility for your business, meaning that your website will be exposed more in the front of your targeted audience and will be nearly impossible to miss you.

SEO prices depend on various factors, such as your business goals, the number of search terms (keywords) you are targeting, the agency’s reputation, your SEO competition and so on. You can pay from SGD 1,000 dollars per month to 4 or 5 thousand dollars per month, depending on the service level.

When selecting the right SEO agency, you should pay attention to several details for making sure that you make the best decision. Some of the main factors you must consider are:

  • Analyze the agency’s past success. Take a look at their portfolio and the results their customers had for determining their abilities.
  • Make sure that the agency is willing to learn your business and the market in which you activate. The agency must make an effort of understanding your company for making a tremendous customized SEO strategy based on your needs.

A SEO company will do numerous tasks for you. We will note the most important ones:

  • First, an SEO agency will analyze your business and your site. This is how they will determine your business strengths and weaknesses but also your company position in the target market. In this stage, they will also analyze your competition and observe their strengths and weaknesses too.
  • Afterward, they will develop a plan and strategy. The agency will set up your goals in this stage and make the strategy accordingly.
  • With the plan made, the agency will start working on the optimization strategy. They will work both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. This means that they will optimize your website but also get backlinks from high-authority websites that will mention your site. Both strategies are essential for a high rank.
  • Continuously work on the optimization strategy due to the frequent changes Google makes in its algorithms. SEO requires constant effort and monitoring for achieving great results.

Top SEO agency will learn your business very well, the market in which you activate, and will set up your primary goals. They will implement a correct and valid strategy that will help your business to achieve the goals you have set. They will improve your website performance and help you gain more visibility and customers.

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